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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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meitiv. how one family plans to
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buckle down on towing. a debate over police force. honoring abraham lincoln. hundreds of people across the district marking the change in america 150 years ago tonight. first at 11:00, a towing crack down in montgomery county. >> a councilmember says it is the number one consumer complaint of the county. tow truck operators grabbing cars as fast as they can and costing you big bucks. >> dorothy spencer is live in bethesda tonight with a practice that could end what's called predatory towing. dorothy? >> reporter: it's inconvenient and it's expensive. many companies put up these signs in their parking lots warning people if you park here you're going to get towed. but one montgomery county councilmember says some of these towing companies are taking it
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too far. jeanette bordeaux knows what it's like to have her car towed. >> what was your thought when you walked out and your car was gone? >> i thought my friends were playing a joke on me. >> reporter: but it was no joke. it happened when she was visiting friends in an apartment complex in montgomery county. >> i was literally there for an hour and a half. my car got towed. >> reporter: while she admits it was probably her fault, many feel they've been victims of predatory towing. >> you walk into a store and two minutes later their car is gone. >> roger berliner introduced a bill to crack down on predatory towing. the bill would also ban spotters who look out for cars to hook. >> it's not okay how this business is done and we need to step in and clean it up. >> reporter: some say even drivers who break the parking rules should be give an warningn a warning before their car disappears. >> someone should get a policeman to give them a ticket before they're towed.
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>> moredawn agrees predatory towers should be stopped. >> you park illegally, you get towed sometime. it's the price you pay. >> what price did you have to pay? >> 150. >> that's probably the typical amount. the good news her friend she was visiting gave her $50 toward that bill. if you want to see the law, go to predatory towing on our website. he is talking about the day he found a quadriplegic man who had been abandoned in the woods with just a blanket and a bible. police say 291-year-old1-year-old mother left him there for days so she could visit her mother. he was trying to get a picture of two deer for his grandsons. then anderson saw something wrapped up in a large bundle. that's when he called for help.
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>> he opened a package. i remember it was a bible on top of him. i never saw his face. after i saw the bible, i walked away. >> the quadriplegic man is being treated at the hospital today. prosecutors said his mother, nia parler will be charged with attempted murder. right now she is in the hospital but they have not revealed why. hard winds raeked havoc today. the wind caused a pile-up on the highway. there was a 100-mile stretch. strong winds kicked up dirt and reduced visibility to almost nothing. wind gusts were as high as 82 miles an hour. all flights in and out of salt lake city international airport were also put on hold for some time. now let's get a check on our weather here. it's been raining all day, it seems, and rain is still coming
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down in some parts of the area. doug when is this going to be over? >> i think it's going to take a while longer until that rainy moves out. by tomorrow morning it should be out of here. take a look at the radar. one thing you noticed, in the last couple hours, we've seen a lot of rain coming through. and then you notice we start to break things up just a little bit and that's where we are right now. notice back toward our west, we are looking at showers as the front continues to move to the south. notice where the rain is back toward winchester toward leesburg then right across the district some very light showers right now. heaviest rain continues to be in this area toward frederick and lees lees leesburg. some areas saw over an inch of rain including quantico. gaithersburg about a quarter of an inch but you're about to get another little bit coming through in the next half hour or so. i'll let you know what to expect in the next few days and yeah
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even rain chances as we head toward the weekend. more turnover for the u.s. capitol police. second in command assistant chief daniel maloy announced his retirement effective end of the month. he has served for 30 years on the force. last week chief dine submitted his resignation, but it has not yet been accepted. a stirring tribute on the national mall. it was exactly 150 years ago tonight that president abraham lincoln was shot at ford's theater. national park service rangers handed out candles at the lincoln memorial less than an hour ago with an impromptu vigil. president lincoln was shot at 10:00 a.m. april 14 1865. the commemorative night of his death is continuing into the night at the free memorial. activities are being held for 36 hours straight until 9:00
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tomorrow night at the theater and at peterson house across the street where lincoln actually died. here's a live look. hundreds are gathered outside right now. coming up at 11:15, we take a look at the handwritten account of what happened that night 150 years ago. new tonight out of alexandria mayor ewell announced the city manager. jinx was announced as the new mayor. she speaks out about her plan to keep body camera video out of the public eye. she has included language in her budget that would exempt videos from the freedom of information act request. that is required to funding that would equip every officer in the district with body cameras. despite concerns about transparency bowser says tonight the language protects the privacy of ordinary citizens. >> let's face it. when a citizen calls 911 and
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they call for the police, oftentimes they're in very distressed situations. police are coming into their homes and they expect privacy. >> the council still has to approve that budget. the body cameras are still in a testing phase. just in the jury is finally seated now in the trial of the colorado theater shooter. james holmes is charged with killing 12 people at a movie theater back in denver in july of 2012. holmes faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole if he's found guilty. opening statements are set now for april 27. new video tonight shows an arizona police officer bringing his crime spree to an end rammingram ing the suspect with his cruiser. we warn you, this video is difficult to watch. officer michael rapiko hit mario valencia going 40 miles an hour.
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valencia survived. earlier that day valencia was accused of robbery, setting fire to a church and steegaling a car and a gun. he was hit several times after refusing to put down a gun. the officer will not face charges. fairfax county police stopped a 16-year-old during a dwi checkpoint friday night, and they tell us he was trying to impersonate a police officer. officers found law enforcement markings and equipment inside his car. the boy and the teenage friend with him were released to their parents. no charges were filed. bold bank robbers dressed in full body suits. tonight prince georges county police are on the hunt for this duo. investigators tell us they threatened workers at the bank of america on laurel buoy road. both had guns. no witnesses were hurt. they believe both robbers were men. a confession in the so-called black hat bandits.
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the group was known for black hats. they got away with tens of thousands of dollars. court documents say 56-year-old thomas george has confessed. after he was arrested after a robbery at the wells fargo bank on connecticut avenue witnesses say he threatened to kill a bank customer if he didn't get money. a possible accomplice was also arrested. it's what every traveler wants to hear. vw marshall airport is entering a new service to speed passengers through the check in five minutes. approved passengers would only have to go through fingerprint or ira scans at special kiosk. they will be the 12th airport in the nation to get this technology and the first one on the east coast. next at 11:00, handwritten police logs piecing together an historic night. >> abraham lincoln, president of the united states had been shot. >> it's now kept under lock and key, but just a few years ago,
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someone pulled it out of a trash can. tonight the rare glimpse of the lincoln assassination 150 years later. melissa malay here with your first alert traffic. tonight between springfield and ♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do...
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...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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closed out quite a night of music at the white house. this evening the president and the first lady host aid selled a
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celebration of the gospel tradition. lyle lovett and vince van allen also performed. this is part of the end performance of the white house series to celebrate music in america. the entire show will be broadcast on pbs in june. it is one of the most rare artifacts connected to the assassination of president abraham lincoln and few people have actually ever seen it. a police log with a firsthand written account of what happened that night president lincoln was assassinated. and as news4's mark seagram reports, it was found in the trash. >> it's now kept under lock and key inside the chief of police office. only a few people are authorized to handle it and they must wear protective gloves. >> as you can see, the book is in very delicate condition. >> reporter: this is the original police blotter from the eighth district headquarters from the years 1862 through
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1865. like all police blotters it's a daily handwritten record of every arrest and incident. april 14 1865 had several routine entries. >> vacancy for one, suspicion of the other one, assault and battery for another one. >> then comes a very lengthy and detailed entry that stands out from the rest. >> that abraham lincoln, president of the united states had been shot. >> reporter: unlike the rest of the daily entries which take up a single line, the lincoln report is lengthy and provides a lengthy account of that night, including how it impacted the police officers. >> the gloom that overshadowed the nation by that occurrence deeply affected the whole force. >> the entry also reveals that the superintendent of the department called every officer back to duty that night. it also identifies a suspect. >> mr. booth was athe person who shot the president.
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>> while it's treated like a treasure now, that wasn't always the case. several years ago, the blotter almost ended up in the trash. >> yes, it was going to be thrown away. >> reporter: a police officer rescued it from the trash and took it home. years later it made its way back to police headquarters. >> the wife of a retired member called and said well i have some things you might be interested in. >> reporter: there is another notable entry in the blotter. while every day has record of at least one arrest the day of april 19 lincoln's funeral, lists no arrests. in the district mark seagraves, news4. >> and be sure to tune in to nbc4 this saturday morning for the lincoln assassination with aaron gilcrest a special program marking 150 years since the death of our second president. >> i'm looking forward to that special this weekend. i'm looking forward to maybe seeing the sunshine again after all this rain today.
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>> wasn't yesterday nice? >> yesterday was nice. >> yesterday was glorious. >> before that the weekend was also nice. >> tuesday, not so much. if you're going to have a day like this why not be on a tuesday? we had some rain out there, some locations picking up half an inch to well over an inch of rain, and we still have some rain across the area now. let's take a look and show you what's happening at the airport. current temperature right now, looking at 56 degrees. we've got some light rain falling at the airport with winds out of the north at 6 miles an hour. 51 degrees in martinsburg, 53 degrees in chester. so we're cool but we're not cold when you consider where we were today. we're definitely on the chillier side of things, but we still have some rain. notice the shower activity right around the d.c. metro area down toward the south. we continue to see these showers, and really what's happening here we've got that frontal boundary to the north and west that's drifting to the south. the heaviest rain in damascus
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over clarksburg and havana into leesburg and into the south to the north of the gainsburg area. in and around the district we'll zoom in one more time and show you where this rain is. right out 50 so if you take it across the beltway, seeing light shower activity there, just enough to get those windshield wipers going but i'm not too concerned too much about heavier rain tonight. this is really about it. this is the last boundary and again, it is making its way slowly down toward the south and east. what can we expect tomorrow? waking up tomorrow morning getting out the door a cool start, but i think just mostly cloudy skies. temperatures around 49 degrees. for that driving impact still some wet roads so give yourself a little extra time. tomorrow evening, no issues at all. clearing skies, temperature around 69. i really think we're looking at a pretty good wednesday across our area tomorrow. especially in the afternoon. could be cloudy early, but then more sunshine late. 68 in leesburg 70 in
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fredericksburg and 70 los angeles. i'll meet you on the course. 66 at 1:00 69 around 3:00 just as you're wrapping up that round, should be pretty good for you. 68 on thursday. yeah a chance of a late day shower but don't cancel any plans, and yeah tennis still looks good thursday maybe some golf on friday. an early shower but the temperature around 70. 74 degrees on saturday and that's the day a lot of kids kicking off their little league game so i think you'll be good there, too. not too worried about rain the next few days. just a 30% chance. that's not much at all. 68 degrees on sunday and then on monday we have a chance of heavier rain coming through with temperatures near 69 degrees as we end the 7-day forecast we end on a good note. back to around 70. all in all, the next seven days at or a little above average. >> that tennis ball looks like a
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basketball. you can't miss it. >> that's what i need to be able to hit it because the way you hit so fast i don't know what i'm doing out there. >> good day for it. coming up another ugly ending for the nats. taylor swift is my [ female
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as ugly as last night but perhaps more painful this go-round. >> yes, and actually i found myself laughing. there was a tweet, chase hughes
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of css washington he said the redskins had more wins in eight games. i started to laugh and then i thought, that's not funny. the redskins had three through eight games. it hurts. >> colt mccoy with dallas got that third win. they were hoping to hit that reset button but they must have hit rewind instead. wally being nice to red sox fans and then just haunting peter straussburg. fourth inning so low shot. five runs and ten hits allowed through five and a third for strauss. sox up 5-1. that's not the bad stuff we're talking about. nats tied at 5 in the fifth. right center in desmond. he's coming around to score from second. danny espinoza will get to
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follow him. a 2-1 triple for taylor. errors continuing to plague the nats. ryan hannigan with a chopper to blake tynan. tried again and then he threw it away. two runs would come in to score. two errors on the play for tynan. then later two on for brock holt and he lines it to desmond -- he doesn't throw it home. he had plenty of time. he threw it to first and didn't get the out. that was the difference. the red sox, they lose dairk-- excuse me -- the red sox beat the nats 8-7 the final. buck showalter hoping his penns fair better tonight. bottom 1, adam jones, he's getting things going. he takes cc sabathia's hit.
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fans with a little de javu. he's back on it and goes right into his office glove. chase hedley comes around to 2nd and the yankees pull off a run. in the ninth, a-rod in to pinch-hit. the yankees get a pitch hit grand slam last night, but they ground out to short and birds hang on to win it 4-3. the wizards were the o vying for a playoff shot. they had only two regular season games left. the pacers win in their end. they need that had w and tonight it took them extra time but they get it. wizards facing the team who knocked them out of the playoffs last season. you know john wall wanted it. skip ahead, this is overtime. under a minute to go tied at 83 john wall. you can't defend that. the contact and one missed the free throw. wizards up by two.
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28 seconds to go in overtime. pacers down two. paul george over the defense. he knocks it down ties the game. tied at 85. bradley beal was driving and loses the handle. gets it knocked off his leg. second overtime and look what happens. they were down to the wizards and they get it over to george hill, buryies a 3 late. the pacers win it 99-95 to keep their hopes live into overtime. the wizards have one more season game left. they play cleveland tomorrow night. they're stuck on 46 wins. it's a little better than the 2. i'm the bad news bears. >> you are.
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ready for breakfast. breakfast wars heating up between mcdonald's and taco bell the two fast food giants trying to vie for your breakfast dollars. taco bell is giving a free breakfast to taco bell customers. all they have to do is hand over a taco bell receipt. no word on whether mcdonald's in the area will follow suit. >> i can't imagine taco bell for breakfast. an iphone falling nearly 40 stories near do youubai.
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they were taking photos of the skyscrapers skyscrapers. that's what happens when you drop the phone 40 stories. it documented the entire crazy thing. the most amazing part, the phone survived the fall, yes, it d.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taylor swi


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